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In Hebrew, LA'AVIN means to understand.
We understand our community is full of different people.

We have ninjas. Chefs. Comedians. Accountants. Businessmen. Athletes. Lawyers. Each person is unique, with their own personality, their own spark, their own color. And we also understand they all have one thing in common.

They just want to be comfortable.

For humans, comfort starts with the most intimate, personal places on our bodies. That’s how we decided to create the most comfortable, colorful, and humane underwear on the planet. 
At LA'AVIN, we understand comfort. And we create it so your true colors can always shine through.
LA'AVIN underwear were made especially for you – and only you. Your comfort, personality, and humanity are at the center of everything we do.

For each pair of underwear you purchase, we'll donate 10% of our profit to deficient income families. These donations will provide food and security for extremely needed families in Israel. 

We pride ourselves on creating a comfort fit for royalty, so we thank you for supporting a better world while you support your crown jewels.