Sustainability & Giving Back

At Laavin, our primary goal is to help and promote the sustainability development initiatives. Every move we make is taken after considering its environmental and socioeconomic impact. That’s exactly why we truly believe that combating injustice and becoming a leading sustainable lifestyle brand go hand in hand.

Support for Underprivileged Children

Witnessing the inner workings of the global fashion industry told us all about the unfortunate circumstances people were in, particularly kids who were financially responsible for their families. To contribute to a better future, we partnered with Global Giving to support the ABC and RICE initiative that provides education and nutrition to neglected, abused, financially overburdened, and otherwise underprivileged children. A certain portion of the profit goes toward this cause.

Empowering Mentally Challanged Individuals

In our bid to be a socially responsible brand, we closely work with a non-profit logistics organization that aims to help people with mental challenges and disabilities. The company provides us with a variety of logistical services including picking, packing, and delivering products. Together, we want to empower people battling mental challenges to integrating into a productive work routine.

Other Contributions

We don't think our responsibility ends with a single cause. That's why we continue to help wherever and whenever we can. Some of the notable contributions that align with our sustainability initiative include a donation of clothing to low-income families and providing food assistance through the Ministry of Welfare to counter poverty and economic inequality across different cities and regions.