LA'AVIN Fundraiser.

LA'AVIN aims to be a socially
responsible lifestyle brand with clear focus on helping and promoting
sustainability development initiatives. Instead of being strictly
profit-driven, we have committed to not only minimize negative impacts but also
dedicate resources to make a positive impact.


That's why, we have ingrained
sustainability into our culture that steers us toward different humanitarian
projects from time to time. This enables us to stay aligned with our core
values and goals and do our part wherever and whenever possible.

This time we chose ABC and Rise.

When we delved deeper into the
fashion industry, it took us no time to identify the exploitation that takes
place across different countries. Apart from the adults, we also saw children
as young as seven years old working all day long so they can provide for their


This moved us because these young
souls had given up their childhood dreams to keep the roof over their loved
ones' heads and put food on the table. Instead of being consumed by the rough
street life that often leads to crime, they were here trying their best to make
something out of nothing.

Witnessing these unfortunate circumstances,
we decided to partner with Global Giving to support the ABC and RICE initiative
that delivers education and nutrition to neglected, abused, financially
overburdened, and other underprivileged children. The initiative also provides
financial assistance to these kids' families so they can afford to send them to


We set aside a certain portion of
our profits for this cause and hope this little contribution makes a bit of a
positive difference in the world.