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Sustainability has been at the heart of LA'AVIN from the start. To us, being sustainable means establishing clear, humane standards for our products and for every element of our supply chain.

We will:

  • Adhere to GRI and world sustainability standards.
  • Work only with certified factories and use eco-friendly materials.
  • Ensure no child or forced labor is used in the creation of LA'AVIN products.
  • Use only sustainable, organic bamboo fabric and 100% organic cotton packaging.
  • Ensure all suppliers and vendors adhere to our standards and reflect our values.

We know that the fashion and textile industry has a dark side, which touched us deeply. As part of our commitment to improving education, eliminating poverty and creating equality, we will donate 10% of our profit from each pair of LA'AVIN underwear sold to projects supporting these important issues via our joint venture with social affairs offices.