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Join our community for free and receive a 30% discount on all purchases.

How it works

Log in or sign up to be a LA’AVIN Man. Select ‘member price’ on your items when you choose your preferred figure and size. Depending on your first purchase’s preferences, we will send you a pair of personalized LA’AVIN Men’s underwear in different colours every month at an automatic 30% discount. Two days before your scheduled order we’ll check in with you via email to ensure we’re on the same page. You can skip, pause or cancel at any time, no hard feelings. When checking out, accept our subscription policy terms and proceed to payment.

LA’AVIN Men aren’t required to have a membership. When you buy more than three pairs of underwear, automatic discounts are applied.

You can buy additional men’s underwear at any time with your membership discount when you log in to your profile.