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Feeling comfortable is everything we seek for; Underwear that lets us feel comfort when we walk, run, work dance or sleep; Comfort is key!  Wearing and feeling thousands of fabrics it happened. 

Love at first touch; Bamboo fabric. 

We thought that we were dreaming, so we tested the fabrics in serials of blind tests, and our Bamboo fabric kept his high grade like a champ! Bamboo fabrics aren't just extremely comfortable; it is also: soft, sweat-absorbent, keeps you odor-free, keeps body temperature, and sustainable (30% less water waste). 

LA'AVIN underwear meets the comfort standards of royalty.  


You are a special one. We want to be a part of your exciting world. 

Our goal is to lighten your color, that's why:

  1. We don't use you like a billboard.
  2. You can add your signature on the underwear, and by that make them entirely yours.
  3. We treat your underwear primarily, because it's yours, and we deliver it with a unique package. 


We say that being sustainable is to be humane. Visiting factories in the industry, watching the supply chain made it clear to us; our mission is to remain humane! That's why we set up our House standards, working with suppliers mirroring our values, no child & forced labor, using eco-friendly materials.
Witnessed the industry human rights dark side, which touched us deeply. We decided to donate 10% of our profit for every pair of underwear sold to projects fighting Quality of educations, Poverty, and Equality.