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Boxer Briefs

Noah Boxer Briefs is a hybrid alternative that provides you with the skin coverage of the boxers along with the support of the briefs. The Bamboo fabric craftsmanship keeps your intimate area dry and well-ventilated allowing you to engage in any type of day-to-day activities without feeling any discomfort.

The Boxer Briefs will make you feel comfortable in your own skin as your manhood will remain adequately concealed while you have the freedom of living your life to the fullest with ultimate confidence.


Noah trunks are especially designed for men who desire a short and tight yet comfortable intimate fit. The trunks are made of Bamboo Fabric that feels gentle against your skin and snugly cradles your package. The cozy fit conforms to your unique body form to enable free movement and flexibility.

The breathable fabric will allow you to choose your favorite pair of pants or shorts keeping you at ease in all types of activities. With Noah trunks you can get about your day hassle-free feeling confident and comfortable.


Noah Briefs provide the ultimate support and protection you need for your most intimate and precious body region. While Noah Briefs are tighter and shorter as compared to trunks, they are made of meticulously selected lightweight and soft Bamboo fabric that ensures there is no discomfort caused due to chafing.

The Briefs feature a minimal design and give you more freedom to engage in all types of activities without any issues. If you are a physically active man, then there are not many underwear options that will keep you as confident and comfortable as Noah briefs.