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Buy 3 underwear or more, get 10% off.

Buy 6 underwear or more, get 15% off.

Buy 9 underwear or more, get 20% off.

Not available for Green Sale items.


Get free shipping on all orders above 199 NIS.

**Limited time offer, no double discounts**

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Our website is secured. Thus we support Pay Pal, Visa, Master Card, and American Express.

No, as we are an e-commerce DTC brand, we support only secured payment via Pay Pal or credit card

No, you can purchase as a guest without opening an account. 

It's ok. We are here for you!

Please contact us at help@laavin.com, and we will send you everything you need.

According to Israeli law, each underwear sale is a final sale.

However, within our process time, you can contact us at help@laavin.com  , and we will make any change you wish.

After our processing time, you can contact us at help@laavin.com and will do everything we can to make it right. 

Orders that placed until 12:00 pm will process within 1 Business day.

Orders that placed after 12:00 pm will process within 2 Business days.

We will take an additional 24 hours if you choose to personalize your underwear.

*Business days: We are working Sunday to Thursday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm  

We ship everywhere in Israel. 

Delivery times may vary based on your location.

No. At the moment, our shipment limited to the state of Israel but no worries, we will become International soon.

5 Business days - 18 NIS

5 Business days Free - On orders above 199 NIS.

Express 2-3 Business days - 35 NIS

If you live within the following areas, delivery times may vary. If you are not sure if your address is within those eras, you can contact us at help@laavin.com

List of areas where delivery times may vary:

Golan Heights settlements, the Northern Border, the Arab sector settlements, the Jordan Valley, the Gaza Envelope, Eilat, the Dead Sea, and Arava Settlements.

* delivery times doesn't include order process time

1. Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation mail. 

2. After we process your order, you will receive a second mail that your order has processed and ready for delivery. 

3. Once your order is picked up by the shipping company, they (shipping company) will reach you via SMS with your order details and schedule the delivery. 

4. In the SMS, you will receive a link to track your order.

If our shipping company hasn't contacted you within 48 hours since your order was processed, please contact us at help@laavin.com.


1. Within the processing time:

You can contact us at help@laavin.com, and we will change the address and shipping method that suits you.

2. After the processing time:

a. You will get a text message from the shipping company that they collect your item.

b. In the text message, you will receive a link to track your order.

c. After you get the text message, you will have two options to change your address:

c.1. You can reply to the text message that sent to you.

c.2. The shipping company will reach you before the delivery to confirm your address. You can change your address then. 

The delivery company will deliver the package to your doorsteps three times. If you weren't home all three times, then the box will restore to the company warehouse. 

Please note that the delivery company will contact you before the shipment to make sure you are at home.

It depends on which LA'AVIN man type you are. 

LA'AVIN offers four different figures of underwear:

Boxer Briefs - for those who like things tight. Sexy yet comfortable and with enough space for the critical parts.

Trunks - For those who like short tight boxers, Very sexy and without any extra fabric on the legs

Loose Boxers - To be with and feel without. Sexy and loose in the right places

Briefs - For the men who like their comfort close and short. Minimal material, maximum compliments.

The similarity between all the figures is that they make you feel without underwear while you wear them.

So which LA'AVIN man are you?

Wash the underwear on Delicate low temperature mode. Please do not bleach, dry clean, and use a tumble dryer to dry them.

Bamboo fabric:

Anti-humid: bamboo fibre can absorb and evaporate human sweat in a split of second just like breathing. Such a garment makes people feel extremely cool, comfortable and never sticking to skin even in hot summer.

Antibacterial: Natural antibacterial elements in bamboo fibre keep bacteria away from bamboo fabrics.

Anti-ultraviolet and UV regulator: bamboo fibre protect the body from the effect of ultraviolet radiation.

Soft touch - bamboo fabric is silky soft

Anti Moisture: Because the cross-section of the fibre is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes, better moisture absorption and ventilation and extraordinary soil release.

Eco friendly factories in Zhejiang district, China

We want LA'AVIN Men to feel like each pair of underwear was made personally for him. We don't believe in underwear as advertising, why would your underwear have someone else's name on them?

To make your underwear only yours you can add your initials embroidered to the underwear, just follow the steps on product page:

A. Choose the font you like.

B. Type your initials at the text box.

C. Click add. 

* To remove it: click "remove" on product page or remove it on cart page.

* Personalization will cost you an additional 15 NIS.

Yes, to personalize it just for you will take us an additional 24 hours.

Based on our education, childhood, and our in-depth study about the fashion industry, we knew from the begging that sustainability is a mandatory issue for us to approach. We say that being sustainable is to be humane. Visiting factories in the industry, watching the supply chain made it clear to us; our mission is to remain humane! That's why we set up our House standards; 

  • Working according to GRI and world sustainability standards
  • Work only with certified factories, use eco-friendly materials.
  • NO child & forced labor.
  • Raw materials: 
    • Underwear made from Bamboo eco-fabric, which is grown organically and requires low amounts of water. 
    • Package made from 100% organic cotton. GOTS certification.
  • Visiting each supplier we working with to make sure they are mirroring our values.

Besides the environmental impacts of the industry, we have witnessed its human rights dark side which touched us deeply, children are working from surmise to sunset, so we decided that for every pair of underwear sold we will give back to society. 

Quality of educations, Poverty, and Equality are three issues that close to our hearts, it also 3 out of 17 goals of the UN to reduce by 2030, and we decided to donate 10% of our profit for every pair of underwear sold to projects fighting those issues. 

On each sale 10% of our profit will donate to that project. 

LA'AVIN will donate the money collected each quarter.

Our Chosen Charity Project:

We will donate 10% of our profit from each pair of LA'AVIN underwear sold to deficient income families on your behalf. Collaborating with NGO and social affairs offices, we will deliver food cards for extremely needed families.

The families could use those cards to buy food only.

Alcohol and cigarettes excluded.

Through this joint venture, your comfort benefits Israeli families by keeping their tummies full.

Email; ask@laavin.com 


Chat with us via Whatsapp at; +972547477707

Sunday - Thursday, 10:00-17:00.